Emily Schooley – January 2012

Rogue Cinema Sleepover Girl – January 2012

Emily Schooley

All about Emily:

Name: Emily Schooley

Age: 27

Location: Toronto, ON

Some of my favorite things: My pets (5 cats and 2 snakes), nice cars (Aston Martin, Lotus), driving at ridiculous speeds, playing with guns and other weapons, every book by Michael Ondaatje, urban exploration, napping, getting mix CDs, sharing a bottle of wine with people I love, and skinny dipping on summer nights with friends.

Most people would be surprised to know that I: am actually a big wuss. Though I keep getting leading roles in horror films, I have a hard time sitting through horror movies, especially alone. I love creating gore fx, but I have a hard time stomaching them when I see them onscreen. Also, I really am pretty geeky – Doctor Who is one of my favourite TV series, as is Sailor Moon. I absolutely love playing RPGs on my PS3 in what free time I have. Recently, I’ve also been told by more that one person that I reminded them of either Julianne Moore or Madonna! That one surprised me too – I usually hear Gillian Anderson (and when I had dark hair, Angelina Jolie.)

Hobbies / special skills: I do all my own stunts. No, really – I am pretty active and love any sort of physical challenge or combat. I also pick locks, speak Japanese, make a mean bucket of guacamole, can belch or cry pretty much on command, perform live standup and improv (including my own variant: improvised funerals), take a lot of photos of creepy abandoned buildings, and occasionally write (poetry, scripts, blog posts). I consider myself a ‘Girl Friday’ when it comes down to it – give me a little while to learn, and I can do pretty much anything.

Number of years acting / modeling: Professionally since 2007, but even when I was little I loved performing. I acted in my first play somewhere around the age of 6, and used to make my family watch shows I put on with My Little Ponies.

Favorite genre(s) and or film(s): My top 3 films are Anchorman, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, and Battle Royale. Moulin Rouge is also up there, as are Once, Water Lilies, Secretary, Nana, and anything by Tim Burton (especially Batman Returns.) I admittedly have a soft spot for sci-fi and foreign movies, as well as anything set in Toronto.

Acting / modeling gigs that I’m the most proud of: I’ve met and had the opportunity to work with so many great people through my career, and I seriously love everyone I’ve shared the screen, stage, or studio with.

For me, some really standout moments include:

– The first feature film I ever did: it was a super-cheesy no-budget movie where I played someone’s made-up warrior character. I got to do a lot of combat choreography and was dressed like Xena: Warrior Princess

– The first interview I did: it was with a site called FilmSnobbery, and I really appreciated that first ‘chance’ to be noticed and talk to people in the industry

– Working as lead actor, co-writer, production manager, DOP, editor, and a ton of other hats on an independent series that never got completed. Sometimes the lost time upsets me, but I learned SO MUCH from the overall experience.

– Being on the set of The Dark Knight Rises this past summer

– My death scene in Black Eve: we filmed in a freezing cold department store and I was brutally sick for two weeks after. Mine was the only one in the theater that got audible gasps and nervous cheering at the premiere!

– Learning to self-produce and do everything for two independent web series: The BOOB Show and 30 Days Of Dice Living. (You can find both of those on my Youtube channel.)

– Filming One Week in Windchocombe: it’s a brilliant indie horror feature coming next year, and it’s going to f*ck with you hardcore when you see it.

I’ve also got another project in the works with the Windchocombe team called Experiment Ten – I’m really looking forward to starting production on that, as well as an upcoming film and theatre project called Confidence Tricks.

What I look for in a potential acting or modeling job: Acting is my first love, much more so than modeling. Either way, I like projects that are unique, visually stunning, and that will somehow challenge the audience. When looking at productions, I want great people to work with and a script with strong female characters. Now, that can be strong-quirky and funny, or it can be strong-dramatic – I don’t play brainless bimbos well unless there’s a good reason for the character to be so.

My websites:





Twitter: @EmilySchooley

Casting contact:
The Porter Group Agency or you can contact me directly at info@emilyschooley.com.

Emily Schooley was born in Calgary, Alberta, on a snowy fall day and soon after moved to a small town in Ontario. Growing up on the shores of Lake Erie, Emily wrote and performed plays in her backyard from a very young age. She starred in her first lead role – as the Country Mouse, in a production of Aesop’s Fables – at the young age of five, but initially ignored her theatrical inclinations in favour of becoming a veterinarian. The acting bug re-emerged with a passion at the end of high school and Emily began her formal acting training in university, graduating with honours in 2007.

Her first independent short film role (starring as the Orange Girl, 2008) earned a lot of attention at independent film festivals and gained her international fans when it screened as part of the Portobello Film Festival in the UK. Notably, Emily also did voicework on the video game “Flip’s Twisted World”, also featuring the talents of Anthony Stewart Head (2010). Most recently she has been working in horror, playing the lead roles of Thea/Pimp in “Black Eve”, and Ivette in “One Week in Windchocombe”, earning her a well-deserved reputation as a scream queen. Her versatility in appearance and character mannerisms, and her love of performance make Emily a joy to watch on stage and screen. She also performs weekly live shows with the Impatient Theatre Company, where she studies improv.

When not in front of a camera, Emily is off driving well above the speed limit, or dabbling with other crafty pursuits. A passionate photographer and urban explorer, she often takes photos of abandoned buildings. Emily has had her work published in calendars, and exhibited in galleries and coffee shops. And if all of that doesn’t keep her active enough, Emily is also an avid writer. In her free time she writes scripts, fiction and poetry, and is still perfecting Mirai, a play begun during her travels in Japan. Occasionally, Emily also models for other photographers.

Currently, Emily resides in Toronto, ON, with her five cats and her two snakes.

Photography Credits:
Pinup Photos by Krissy Myers, with styling by Leanna Spina. One Week in Windchocombe and Experiment Ten promotional material copyright Department 7/Jeffery J. Timbrell.

***Note: The photos on this page have been color adjusted and cleaned of grain and artifacts by the Rogue Cinema editor.

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